Organized crime in Springfield evolved through death and

Sam Cufari. Salvatore "Big Nose Sam" Cufari (1901 - died 1983) was a powerful capo in the Genovese crime family and boss of the Springfield crew.. Biography. A native of Calabria, Italy, Cufari was the boss of the Western Massachusetts operations and had logged more than a dozen arrests dating back to the 1920s, when he was shot by police while trying to run a bootlegging road block in Granby Springfield, Massachusetts mob associate and strip-club mogul Jimmy Santaniello, the nephew of aging area Mafioso Mario Fiore, was a longtime government informant and underworld shakedown victim, according to new court filings. Santaniello, an admitted one-time low-level bookie and owner of the popular Mardi Gras strip club in Springfield, (as well as a number of other businesses,… Organized crime figures in Springfield had a foothold in more contemporary, traditional rackets: street lotteries, truck heists, illegal sports-betting and casino junkets, among others. When you’re high up in the ranks of the local mob, you eat whenever and wherever you want. If anyone challenges you, they’re tempting fate. Some of the most influential mobsters in mafia history held court in restaurants that are now famously linked to seedy, behind-the-scenes crime — some of which were even the locations where the mobsters that made them famous met their end. We flipped focused on the lucrative sports and illegal casino gambling business. He would get two convictions for those activities in the early 196os and the judge ordered him out of organized crime activities and sentenced Scibelli to 19 months in jail. The papers at the time hailed this sentence as the “end of organized crime in Springfield.” He ignored the judge’s admonition and eventually went In 1994, Casino Magic Corporation of Mississippi spent a third of a million dollars on a pro-casino astroturf campaign called Citizens for Springfield’s Future. (6) In 1995, another pro-casino group, The Committee for A Better Springfield Future, was championed by Chester Ardolino, the self-styled renegade cop, and older brother of Mayor Albano’s chief of staff, Anthony Ardolino. (7, 8 Bruno and Delevo traced their roots in the Springfield mob, an extension of New York’s Genovese crime family, to the last days of old-school don Salvatore (Big Nose Sam) Cufari, who ruled the city’s mafia regime from the end of Prohibition into the 1970s when he retired and turned over the keys of the operation to his seasoned No. 2, Frank (Frankie Sky Ball) Scibelli. While Bruno was SPRINGFIELD — Gaming revenue fell last month at all three Massachusetts casinos as they dealt with tightening pandemic restrictions, hitting a new low for a full month of operations at MGM Springfield. Gross gaming revenue at the nearly $1 billion MGM Springfield was $10.5 million in November, down from $17.5... Organized crime in Springfield had a foothold in more contemporary, traditional rackets: street lotteries, truck heists, illegal sports-betting and casino junkets, among others. Scibelli's criminal record dated back to 1932 and included arrests for extortion, keeping liquor for sale and “gaming on the Lord’s Day,” according to historical accounts. He was once sentenced to 19 months in jail. Springfield, MA 01103 Collector Room 112 City Clerk Room 123 M-F 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. Thursday until 6 p.m. Home. What's New In Springfield COVID-19 Stop the Spread Testing 12/07/2020 NOTE: The information below is subject to change, please check back regularly for updates. The Commonwealth is launching a strategic testing program in communities across Massachusetts that have continued to see a

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